Plannning for Sick Kids Save Point 24 gaming marathon

I recently decided to take part in the Sick Kids Save Point charity event, raising money for The Sick Kids Friends Foundation who support the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, Scotland. The plan was to play my favourite game from my younger days, Grand Theft Auto for 24 hours straight as part of a nationwide gaming marathon.

Gaming for sick kids

Upon further looking into the event and based on the Tips and Safety provided, perhaps I was a like quick to put the “plan” together. Instead I’m going to open it up a little, provide some variety to the days events but still keeping the focus very much on childhood gaming with completing GTA top of the agenda but also mix it up with some retro console gaming, partly to get me away from my desk but also to stimulate the mind a little! In addition to get the blood flowing and do some exercise, why not use the Kinect? That’d keep me gaming whilst also providing some much needed exercise! Which games is still to be confirmed and I’m open to suggestions. For some retro console gaming, perhaps dust off my Dreamcast and play Crazy Taxi, TrickStyle or PowerStone. Alternatively there’s Sonic titles up on Xbox Live Marketplace. Got any recommendations? As for the Kinect, I’ve a few titles pre-ordered so we’ll see… but Fruit Ninja is a likely bet being quick and easy to play, nicely suited to short bursts. Obviously after ~10pm I won’t be able to play any Kinect without risking driving the flat below me nuts!

To keep me going I’m opting for fruit for snacks and fozen meals as a quick way of getting dinner with drinks provided by fruit juice, water and for late on… energy drinks. Sitting eating pizza while swigging beer is sadly only going to end in disappointment. :(

As a means to encourage donations I’m also going to set a couple of benchmarks where I’ll do a little something extra should a certain amount of funds be raised. So far I’m thinking:

  • £50: I’ll do a write up of the day’s exploits
  • £75: Create a montage video for Youtube & Game Trailers
  • £100: Streaming live to the interwebs at set times
  • £125: Expanded montage with a mini video diary
  • £150: I’ll take requests of god awful games and stream playing them! *
  • £200: Full video diary, including footage of me making a prat out of myself on the Kinect.
  • £300: Should I manage to raise a whopping £300 I will actually dress up as a ninja and record some footage of playing Fruit Ninja Kinect… then put it up on Youtube for people’s amusement!

* Within reason… cost of 5% of total raised.

Of course if I were to hit £120, that includes the write up, montage and streaming!

So let me know what you think! Suggestions are welcome but more importantly… so are donations! Its a great cause and every little is really appreciated. Head to my Just Giving page to donate.

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