Initial thoughts on Fruit Ninja Kinect

So far the Kinect has been a massive disappointment for me but this title I felt could be genuinely enjoyable. I got enticed by the awesome advert, although having never played the iPhone version I was a little apprehensive about the gameplay. Having played the trial, is this a title worth buying?

Ninjas Hate Fruit

Well unfortunately I have a mixed answer. I have to say slicing away was pretty good fun and by far the most enjoyable experience that I’ve had on the Kinect. It seemed fairly accurate to my movements and it felt a lot more natural than I expected, although I am thankful that it didn’t go taking pictures of me! The arcade mode was the only mode available but I found it nice and simple to play. The gameplay was “score as many points as you can in a set time”, which whilst I’m grateful that it didn’t go on for ages (unlike Child of Eden), the times were maybe a little short. I definitely feel that the Kinect is well suited to short burst gameplay like this, but it didn’t quite hit the 3-5 minutes that I feel is a sweet spot.

My biggest gripe is the UI. Everything involved slicing, which is very different to other Kinect UIs and caught me out at first. Consistency is essential and whilst it maybe makes sense in the context of the game, it needs to be much clearer or better still, stick to the convention. There also seemed to be inaccuracies, although that could just be because certain options were disabled. It was very difficult to swipe the correct option, especially with there being no cursor present. The only thing that ever seemed easy to swipe was the option to buy the game, whether you wanted to select that or or not. Given my nature, this put me off the game and I opted against a purchase.

This of course brings me to my summary, is the game worth buying? If you are looking for a fun and enjoyable Kinect title then this is probably the best out there at the moment, however it has its flaws, will probably become boring (albeit not as quickly as Kinect Adventures) and perhaps most importantly, it is free with The Gunstringer. As I was already planning on buying Gunstringer, it doesn’t seem like a worthwhile purchase. That said, if I had the 800 points already on my account then I could see myself buy it. Not really a summary I know. I suppose, if you want a Kinect game, get this, however if you’re waiting on Gunstringer then just wait unless absolutely desperate for a game to justify buying the overpriced and undersupported Kinect.

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