Heist – A promising Facebook game

Searching the city for intel, cash & tools

A while ago I took a leave of absence from Facebook games and despite a brief return, I’ve generally kept away. However having heard positive things from Heist, the new game from Eegeo, I was keen to have a look.

The game involves scouting out various buildings then performing crimes there, either to get “intel”, earn cash or more importantly special items required for a big heist. This involves locating buildings then clicking to scout them out. Depending on the building type you’ll then need to formulate a plan (requiring intel and some costs) and carry it out or alternatively you select a method to complete a crime such as extortion or hacking (ask News International, they can help you out!). Unfortunately the plans don’t seem to be customisable and its all just random, something that might hopefully be improved upon down the line. It would be quite fun to be able to perfect your own little crime, although they’d definitely need a quick auto-plan option. Okay, so it is hardly an epic adventure but it is more interesting than harvesting resources.

Planning the heist!

The heists themselves involve using your crew (i.e. you and your friends) to perform various tasks. At first this was two bars side by side, your guy versus the opponent and based on luck and your crew member’s stats you either won or lost. This has since been changed to all work behind the scene so you pick your crew member for each task (for example taking out a security system) and it gives the result. Personally I feel that the move to keep the calculations firmly behind the scene is for the best as it is more aesthetically pleasing, less frustrating when you lose through pot luck and quicker! Win all the rounds and you have a chance to claim one of the best rewards, win just one and you can only get the basic reward item.

There is however one real frustrating with the big heists… the cooldown timer! After completing a big heist 5 of the 6 members of my crew can’t be used and as the one remaining guy is level 1, that’s me bored and shutting it down. I appreciate the need for cool down timers but this one is too significant I’m able to gather a LOT more resources in the time it takes to get another big heist. Right now I think I have about 5-7 pending, which to be honest is just a frustration. In fact I’ve had to hold off posting this article for several hours so that I can grab a screenshot…

Stages within big heists have already improved

Visually it is nice and slick with an intuitive GUI and vibrant colours. The cities are also affected by time of day, looking lush in both evening and day time. There’s a few issues and gripes that I had with the user interface, particularly too many similar yet different menus to use from your hideout (home). At times the text is a little took large, making it hard to read without readjusting your focus and pop ups feel a little overkill. I do wish that settings such as disabling the music was persistent as well as I usually have music on when online.

When I first started playing I am pretty sure that rather than energy the game utilised a “heat” system so clicking too much brought along the police which, as with the old heists, was a lady luck battle between you and a police chopper. Win and you lost heat, lose and you gain heat. If your heat was at maximum then you could either buy a bribe or similar, just like buying energy in CityVille, or of course wait it out. I really liked the idea, although wasn’t entirely convinced by the chopper part, as heat from committing crimes makes more contextual sense than energy and it was pretty original. Having Prestige as the name for experience was another nice touch, even if it did remind me of APB. Unfortunately Heat & Prestige have been replaced with traditional energy & experience, no doubt to cope with the fact that people are idiots. Shame really.

No doubt within a week or two this article will be outdated as this exciting game continues to develop. Hopefully it will get a solid following and go on to be fairly successful. Whilst there’s a few issues here and there, it is a good choice if you fancy picking up a Facebook game. It isn’t a perfect purists F2P game, the developers have obviously had a look at Zynga’s approach to adding in gameplay hooks that make you want to spend but at the end of the day (but Heist is no where near as bad), the developers probably want feeding. Selfish, I know!

Completion: Only Level 13

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