Vehicles and driving in APB:Reloaded

When APB was launched the driving received a lot of criticism. It was unresponsive, clunky and needed changing.

In truth once you’ve had a bit of practice it wasn’t bad at all, providing you had a good connection. Unfortunately the driving suffered from the fact that everything was dictated by the server and (I believe) you didn’t move until the server updated you. From what I recall, this was improved in 1.4.x and there were general handling changes which received a mixed reaction from the more experienced players but a generally more positive one from newer ones. I felt that the saving grace of the driving was the camera angle. Players could have it nice and tight but you also got a great view of what was around you and unlike a certain GTA4, the camera wasn’t stuck up your vehicle’s arse.

Even fully zoomed out, you can’t see immediately infront of your vehicle

Come the final patch, I felt the driving was as solid as it was likely to get without major code changes. In APB:Reloaded they have addressed that. Unfortunately I don’t mean the code changes part, but the bit about it feeling solid. For some unfathomable reason they’ve stuck the camera in a new position with a better view of your rear bumper than what is immediately in front of you. The muscle car appears to have been rebalanced to feel more American, or more to the point is impossible to turn. Forget a 3 point turn now… trams have more manoeuvrability than the muscle car. A few other vehicles feel a little worse for wear as well, real shame.

One positive, I suppose, is that they’ve rebalanced the truck to neutralise its griefing potential. A much needed change I must say! The second positive is that one of the vehicles that they took out is the old starter vehicle, introducing an old model previously removed. For new players the Macchina Calabria is a much more attractive vehicle and handles much better than the old starting van.

In order to bolster server performance they’ve actually reduced the amount of vehicles driving around. It does make the roads feel even more “samey” than before but it also reduces the chances of being stuck with a vehicle that (intentionally) doesn’t handle so well. This makes chased a bit more even and it should be easier to grab a vehicle with a bit of pace. My one little concern is that by removing all the “crap” vehicles from the district you don’t have those entertaining moments of yelling down your mic at your team mates “ah crap, I’m stuck in a slow ass van… arghhhhhh!”.

So they’ve taken a some small steps forward with a couple of vehicles but completely ruined the strongest aspect of the driving in APB as well as some other shoddy changes. Next time, if you don’t know what you’re doing with the vehicles… leave it alone. A change is only a good idea of its an improvement.

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