FIFA 12’s new MMORPG mode – Executive Campaign

FIFA 12 is set to have a DLC add-on MMORPG campaign inspired by the recent ongoing within the world football body.

Taking the “Pro” to new levels, it is now possible to have a career spanning decades as players work their way up the governing body hierarchy. Starting in your local football authority (FA etc) and moving onto a federation (UEFA, Concacaf etc) and ultimately aiming for a position as the Fifa President! Positive actions will win public affection but the core of the gameplay lies in earning the respect of your peers, both NPC and even online! Responding to media in a particular way can build relationships with members high in the various bodies, the key to achieving new roles. You will also be competeting with other players but there is also the exciting opportunity of mates simply voting for each other. Additional points are given for organising successful tournaments for regular players of the game, having an illicit affair and accepting bribes. Achieving a higher position will allow you to dictate the rules for all online action, ability to configure where World Cups are held/hosted and so forth.

There are concerns that this could lead to the current Fifa President arranging most anticipated player tournaments to be hosted in unplayable conditions on a server with high latency and VOIP, spectating and audio disabled but this has been dismissed, with a spokesman saying “it’ll be fine”.

Pricing is expected to be a one off cost of $12.99 (£6.99) or alternatively you can provide regular services, such as cleaning or making coffees for the EA Canada studio. An EA representative has reportedly provided personal banking details to make payments to in order to obtain all Fifa 12 DLC for free. Details are still TBC.

The title artwork is set to be Sepp Blatter, sat in a lofty throne. Blatter has expressed his delight with the new feature stating “this is truly the way forward for the game and is a shining example to youngsters out there.”

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