First Impressions of Game Dev Story

A little late to the show I know, but I’ve finally joined the 21st Century in terms of mobile phones and the first game that I purchased was Game Dev Story.

It is a delightful little game and I can’t deny that I am enjoying playing it. A scan of internet review sites will tell you how many people find this game engaging and addictive. However despite its positives, which I’ll save for another time, it also really infuriates me.

There are so many misguided ideas about how a games studio actually creates games. The idea that someone puts together ninjas and puzzle, which the designer then writes a story to and then the developers code it. If you keep debugging all bugs will be fixed quick enough and if something isn’t “fun” enough then you can add a new idea as easy as pie, or the graphics aren’t full HD then you simply do more work and hey presto, triple A game. Simple as. Games are immediately obvious as fun or not and anyone who fails in a particular category is just lazy. What a load of nonsense eh? Unfortunately that is the way games are made in Game Dev Story.

In fact the concept that a team of 4 can make a number one hit in the console market is ludicrous in itself, but of course it is a game on the mobile platform so we can hardly expect realism. However that still doesn’t get passed the fact that the game only reinforces the incorrect preconceptions that a worrying large amount of people have about the industry and game development. It reminds me of TV shows like CSI, Alias and so forth where the writers blatantly avoid how things are really done for clich├ęd, fake and rather ridiculous scenes. I know several teens who are looking to get into games design despite having wild ideas about how games are made and what the job entails. Game Dev Story is only going to encourage these misfounded ideas.

Is Game Dev Story a poor title? Far from it. It is very enjoyable and I’d recommend it. However I just wanted a little mini-rant about how way off the mark the actual content it.

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