Dave Jones returns to San Paro

Last week saw the rather surprising news that Dave Jones, founder of Realtime Worlds, will be joining Gamersfirst as an advisor on APB: Reloaded.

It has had a fairly mixed reaction from both former colleagues and players alike. Much of the issues with the game and its quick failure from how it was mismanaged and that came from the top. His reputation certainly has been hit by what happened to APB and Realtime Worlds. Many players and fans are going to take the news negatively because he was the face of Realtime Worlds so any negatively will be aimed at him. However some people will greet this news positively. Dave can bring some much needed long term vision and creativity to the project. A look at his CV can remind us that he is an excellent designer and this role could suit him well. It sounds like he’ll be doing what he does best, gameplay, allowing the management and business be left to GamersFirst who are a lot more experienced in this field.

I’m sure personally he’d love to be able to see his project, dating back to GTA from what I understand, come to fruition. I’m also keen to see him involved in something that I used to care about quite passionately.

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