Oops! – IE issues

It would appear that I have made a little bit of a screw up and been a touch lazy. Having just viewed the CityVille page in IE9 it appears that the site is not cross-browser compatible! What a cardinal sin!

Whilst I’m on the subject, of course IE is on its ninth life right now. Whilst looking a lot sleeker and unlike previous iterations they aren’t plastering your browser with endless toolbars and “handy” Microsoft hints & pages (perhaps learning from Google Chrome?), it still is a little shit. Tabs are all scrunched up together on the top right. It looks just dandy when using a 24″ widescreen monitor but your typical 19″ screen when windowed… useless. Of course by default it uses Bing, the crap version of Google & Google Maps

In other news, I’ve a new domain registered that will take over all the development diary rubbish for websites, games etc that I make (well knowing me start then abort), although I’ll probably stil keep the category for my “Projects”.

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