Pando Media Booster & APB: Reloaded

Not sure if people are aware but APB: Reloaded now comes with the program “Pando Media Booster” that effectively runs all the time and lags the hell out of your PC. You may have heard of it before, there was a bit of a backlash with it being used in other games, notably LOTR Online. There is a “good intention” behind it as it shares files that you download, but it does tend to leech bandwidth (especially if your connection isn’t great) and is always active, not just when starting APB:R. Some anti-spyware programs will flag it up but many don’t. Obvious approaches to solving this is uninstalling or using msconfig to keep it from starting, but that might not prevent it from being brought back and could interfere with your game. In Control Panel you should find an option for it there. Ensure it doesn’t start up on launch and reduce the upload limit to 1kbps. From my experience specifying 0 in a program setting usually means no limit, so 1 is probably the safest.

In related news, finally played the APB:Reloaded beta. Long story short, “meh”. Don’t know if it’ll get re-installed after I wipe my PC in the near future… especially if it means arsing about with crap like PMB.

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