Sony’s epic fail

PSN is still down

So then, Sony have finally come clean. They’ve been hacked and our personal data has been stolen.

It is a cock up of epic proportions by Sony and I’m not sure if it is one that they can fully recover from, or deserve to. The timing for them is dreadful with the recent Playstation phone launch and hype for their tablet starting to build but they aren’t the real victims. It is the customers who have had their details stolen with potential credit card and identify theft all over the shot.

I am relatively thankful that I tend to be quite lazy with my details. My email address is a dead one that I never use and my address is probably about 3 years out of date. Nonetheless, it is a concern and one that will be on my mind for some time, especially when considering whether to make a PSN purchase, game purchase and without a doubt, console purchase when the inevitable next generation comes along.

Still no news on the return of PSN and I get the impression that it may be some time yet.

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