PSN Outage

Such poor timing tbh. Easter bloody weekend! I had planned on making a few purchases on the marketplace tonight then getting stuck into some FIFA online then having a good solid gaming weekend.

Whilst I have always been pleased that PSN is free, the service is far from reliable. Disconnections are far too frequent and and online play isn’t the smoothest (including using different ISPs, living in different cities). Having to download the updates to get back online is a major pest as well. The 360 just *works* whereas I seem to spend half my bloody time arsing about with PSN and game updates just to have a quick shot of a game online. The previous big nasty from Sony was no doubt the linux farce when a security leak lead to a key feature just being permanently dropped, rather than actually you know… fixing it. I used to be a real advocate of the PS3 and part of that was being able to install Ubuntu, providing basic PC functionality from a console. It was a step towards that perfect home entertainment centre.

Anyway, just a quick rant and here’s hoping that it doesn’t take the next couple of days to fix as suggested in their blog.

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