Avatar Drop

The name pretty much says it all. You play as your Xbox Live avatar and drop.

Gravity ftw

Thanks to some fun ragdolls and bouncy balls it is a lot more than a solid vertical drop with the aim being to race to the bottom, passing through rings along the way. The smaller the ring the more points you get. For a first level it is all pretty simple but enjoyable enough. Bouncing all over the place can be quite comical and there’s an element of skill providing a challenge. Unfortunately when going to play the next level you soon find out that what you just played is it. In its entirity there is one level with one type of obstacle (bouncy balls) and not even background changes. It’s all a little dull.

Perhaps I’m being a little harsh as it is only an 80 point Indie game, but there’s a lot more titles that seem to have put in a lot more effort & diversity. It feels like a nice addition for someone’s portfolio when going for a games job, nothing more and nothing less.

When you compare it to the many other titles out there, a lot more could have been done to really justify charging for it. I’ve played many free flash games with much more content! The addition of new backgrounds could coincide with new obstacles and challenges. Rather than just bouncing your way down you could hit more solid objects, perhaps pass through dense material or even potentially take damage and have to restart.

To give the game its dues, it does tackle the camera pretty well. Given players can potentially get stuck and separated, Avatar Drop has a simple yet effective solution. Rings and the spheres disappear as the leading player moves further from them, allowing other players to free fall and catch up. This also means that even if several people and one is kinda rubbish, they won’t be constantly left behind. Finishes are usually reasonably close as well, so I’d certainly say that has been well done.

To wrap up, good solid start but where’s the rest?

Source: Xbox 360
Completion: Hour or so, multiplayer & solo

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