The Most Addicting Sheep Game

The Most Addicting Sheep Game is a splendid example of the power of the Indie on Xbox Live and also simple, clean and enjoyable gameplay.

Training levels are a great introduction

The premise of the game is a very basic platformer. There are only three controls (jump, big jump & roll) and levels have players pressing these in time to jump between platforms or plough through other sheep. All of this is done to backing music with a chirpy beat and the gameplay and timing of jumps are nicely in sync. The game is very easy to pick up, especially with the training levels. Players learn the controls through simple levels with the appropriate button press clearly indicated. This may sound very shallow and dull but as a gameplay experience, it really isn’t. The charming tunes and colourful graphics provide a pleasant feel to the game whilst the difficulty and challenge is sufficient to make you fail many a time.

Unlike many 3D platform titles where camera angles get in the way, errors are plain and simple the players fault. This is much easier to accept and you are determined to try again, over and over, until you complete the level. The levels are quite short as well so failing near the end has less “oh ffs” than some of your old classic challenging platformers, which improves accessibility for the more modern gamer and also allows you to get stuck right back in. Given the mix of memory & reflex required to play, the size of levels works very well.

Roll and jump to a catchy beat

Whilst only being a single player game, it is still enjoyable to take turns and the short nature of the levels lends to this quite nicely. I enjoyed playing this with someone who isn’t quite as experienced as me at playing games, and importantly they did to. The basic controls and gameplay techniques made it very easy to pick up whilst the increasing pace & difficulty ensured that we were suitably challenged

The Most Addicting Sheep Game is without a doubt a wonderful little title and well worth parting with your pennies for it. You’ll laugh at rolling instead of jumping, cuss at getting all mixed up during a more complex chain and go through the emotions that make platform games so addictive. Whether you are a gaming pro or a complete nublet, trying to keep a small child amused or one for the more mature gamer, this title is a winner.

Completion: Normal mode training & mild difficulty. Bits of other modes/difficulty.
Source: Xbox 360

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