APB: Reloaded’s EU Closed Beta nears!

I’m rather keen to get stuck into the Closed Beta for APB: Reloaded. The latest official blog post has me buzzing again now that the Frankfurt servers are online, although of course that doesn’t guarentee anything as there will no doubt be plenty of testing to be done. I’ve been tracking it for some time and want to see the differences being made… plus just to play the game again! Unfortunately the Youtube videos and first impressions found online aren’t much use, either because they are either clueless or seem to cover the stuff from the 1.4.x patches. It is a shame to see the NDA being quite so happily broken when there’s many of the old top players who can’t get in, but seeing content out there is quite nice I suppose… even if a bit of a tease. I guess I did get to try out much of the unreleased stuff but I’m keen to try out some of the new things. There was a lot of things very close to being finalised when RTW entered administration so I imagine that by now they are ready, or at least will be in the 1.50 patch.

Should be good!

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