On leave from Facebook games.

CityVille can FOAD kkthxbye

I’ve decided to put my voyage into Facebook games on a backburner, both playing and researching them, for two key reasons. First of all, I’d rather focus on other little tasks and projects that I have on the go, from level design to websites. My work in progress list is pretty hefty as it is! The second reason is that whilst I initially played certain games to learn about them, I did indeed get sucked in. They are constantly changing and frustrating me in new ways, which makes me want to explore more and get to the root of these changes whilst simultaneously the hooks in the gameplay are catching me.

It is quite a strange situation as I don’t really enjoy playing these games, but I feel compelled to do so. I find myself aiming for maximum results in my time available, so I am spending a good portion of my evenings keeping things ticking over… but why? I’ve already discussed how the mechanisms in these games work, so I’m going to use a little will power to overcome them. Recent changes to several games have certainly helped. CityVille is finding more and more ways to put roadblocks in the way (unless I spend cash or spam my friends), some games have gone dry and others are avoidable simply not starting off another goods cycle… well at least I hope so.

Perhaps at a later point I’ll look at the games in more depth and try to understand why I have become so disillusioned and fed up, but for now it is so long Facebook and see you next month… maybe.

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