What happened to Soccer Tycoon?

Nothing more to do

A while ago I looked at Soccer Tycoon, the first Facebook game that I started playing on a regular basis. My end conclusion was that despite some positives, the game really lacked end content. Having played many other Facebook games, I now fully appreciate how lacking the game was back then, but several months on you would hope that there had been improvements. Unfortunately there hasn’t been any, at all. In fact the only differences I can see are a few GUI improvements and a bunch of new bugs.

It does make me wonder, what happened to the plans for upgradable buildings, more plots and potential tactical changes. Soccer Tycoon looked like it had plans for the future back in mid January when they released a couple of Youtube videos, promoting the game.

I am rather disappointed to see Soccer Tycoon fail, particularly from a company that I felt could be a very welcome developer of Facebook games given their apparent success in the mobile field. I’ll also admit that I am annoyed and feel hard done by as I put cash into the game, a surprising amount for someone as tight as me, only to hit such an abrupt ending and be abandoned. The decline of the game can easily be summed up by the fact that despite being inactive, I have still maintained a top 50 place in the leaderboards. RIP Soccer Tycoon.

“Coming Soon”… When exactly?

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