A trip down memory lane with Duke Nukem 3D

Ahh, good ol' Duke

The other day I was rather excited to hear that Duke Nukem Forver is real and out fairly soon. This inspired me to get a copy of Duke Nukem 3D installed and play a few levels.

The graphics may be laughable by today’s standards with 2D sprites but I’ll tell you what, it is still a damn fine game. Levels are well crafted with plenty hidden areas to explore as well as structured combat areas. There is a slight puzzle element to find the key cards. Key cards seem to have disappeared with age but they are a solid games design principle. The player must obtain an object to pass through a door and key cards are common and well understood. Unlike modern games, you don’t need a tutorial or help message to figure out why you can’t get through the door with the red lock.

Combat may not have the high recoil or fancy camera & post processing effects that many modern games employ but I felt fucking bad ass playing Duke Nukem 3D. The weapons are designed to be fun and even if the AI is dated, the enemies are still challenging due to their damage. The game feels fast, smooth and is simply bloody good fun!

And ah yeah, who can’t forget the strippers. ^_^

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