Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – Boot Camp tutorial

Without a doubt, the Modern Warfare tutorial is the best for the FPS genre that I’ve encountered. It is fun, simple and doesn’t include any unnecessary steps. The start at the firing range is a little uninspiring, but the game doesn’t dwell or linger. Infinity Ward know that you can’t be arsed with tutorials, so it gets straight to the point.

The real strength comes from the assault course. Having learned how to fire etc, you then have a short 40-60 second course to complete first time round. Skilled players can do it in under that. It covers throwing grenades, firing and moving. Newbies will make mistakes and can learn from them and pros don’t have to sit around doing pointless exercises. Of course not all the controls are covered, but they don’t need to be. You are informed of the controls throughout the game, so why witter on about it now? What is important is to understand the basic principles sufficiently to get stuck into the first mission.

Providing the score and best time makes you want to practice more, ensure that you are combat ready, and the option to get stuck into a mission is there when you want it. It becomes a bit of a challenge and you immediately feel engaged with the game.

Messaging is very clear with concise text messages, buttons clearly displayed and a voice over providing instructions on what to do and where to go. The one concern I’d have is over the way that you informed about the compass & waypoints. The message is a little large and obtrusive when a simpler approach may have worked. Not a big deal and it isn’t really detrimental to your learning or enjoyment

I’m not normally one to compliment the CoD series but I can’t deny that they’ve done everything right here. It can teach a newbie enough to be able to play the game, which is all I’d ask for. Within a couple of minutes you can get stuck into actual missions, plus the assault course is actually fun to practice and improve before getting stuck in.

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