Changes to City of Wonder goods system

Goods now spawm as clickable little items

City of Wonder recently received a slight update to the good system. Now when claiming your good little items spawn into the world for you to click on, building up to a bonus. Unlike CityVille, the bonus meter remains constant and requires a substantial more amount of goods to complete. This makes the system a lot more relaxed but providing a reward for clicking on all the items. Perhaps it could be considered a cross between National Treasures and CityVille. However they’ve provided a popup to inform you about your awards. Frigging popups. No I do not bloody want to share this!I believe that the intention is to give the user more involvement in the game, more actions to perform. However personally once thing that I preferred with City of Wonder over many other games is that I didn’t have to go around clicking on everything. Perhaps this is just my familiarity with traditional God Sim sitleswhere you don’t do these sort of actions. In addition to being a gameplay element that I’m not keen on, now CoW has the same issue of clicking too much causing UI interactions.

To be honest, I don’t see the point in this change. It seems to be purely reactive with no benefit to the gameplay, as in “our competitors do this, so lets do our own crappy version as well”. Why? What purpose does it serve. I think what really frustrates me with this change is that they’ve only done it to the goods when cultural, housing and market buildings all have the same timer. This then is inconsistent behaviour, which is a big “no no” from my point of view. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for making constant improvements to a game but making completely unnecessary changes leaves the user thinking “what’s going on here?”, possibly even seeking out further information on the changes.

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