Investigation into Tutorials and Initial User Experience

Once of the areas under my ownership on APB was the tutorial messages (passed to me late on as no one else wanted it), as well as having a strong involvement in how the whole initial user experience worked. The majority of the APB team knew that it was a massively weak area, however it was still shipped and unsurprisingly proved a hurdle for new players, hurting the game’s success.

I thought it might be interesting (at least for me) to pick through the bones of what went wrong then look at other games and see how they tackled tutorials. Of course APB was a little bit on the unique side so nothing will directly translate, but I’m sure there is a lot to take from other games.

In truth I did this for a couple of days whilst working on APB, however Realtime Worlds were only interested in quick fixes rather than building a solution. However this time I’d like to look at it from the ground up and think of a few possible approaches to teaching what is a rather complex game.

I’m not only looking to get ideas for APB. Beyond my own work, it is possibly one of the most essential parts to a game. That initial fifteen minutes to half hour on a game is probably the most important so I’d like to put some effort into seeing how some games got it right, some games got it wrong!

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