Busy week ahead!

Previously I was pondering what to do next and now I know! Unfortunately there’s a LOT I feel that I’d like to get done and on a week when I have plans during the weekend. Decided to crack on with my web work and I’ve three projects that I will work on over the next few nights… which unfortunately means less zombie killing :(

1. kF Left4Dead stats

I started developing a stats system a while back for my clan. It takes data from the Steam website, parses it and then saves it to a database. That can then of course be manipulated to provide the rankings in terms of %age Versus rounds won and so on. Its never been finished and I’ve been adding bits and bobs over time but I hope to really put some solid work in to make it a very comprehensive stat tool for the clan. Once that’s done, I intend to look at the back end to see if I can make it more efficient, although that will be for another week!

2. Music Scenario

Music Scenario is a browser based educational game. I’ve been working on it for about 4.5 years now but development haulted somewhat over the past year or two. I had some grand ideas to completely remake it, but for now I’m going to duplicate it and look to optimise the database, tidy up some code and add in a couple of features. Hopefully it will improve the game as well as providing a “proof of concept” for some of the major changes I hope to make in the new version.

3.Testing Tool

Soon I’ll have a side task of working on a PHP based tool at my new work so I figure that being able to provide a prototype developed in my own time might go down a treat. At least for now I plan to explore some tech and then next week I’ll get stuck into it!

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