What next?

In my spare time I’d like to try and make some progress on a game to add to my portfolio. The question is what do I go for? I’ve had a few ideas kicking around:

Music Scenario

I’ve worked on this for some time now and development has slowed down. It has a lot of potential to go further but will require a LOT of hard work to get it up and running in a short time and I’m more looking for something active to do when I’ve spare time and don’t fancy gaming, tv or books. Perhaps I could provide a minor update to the current game?


This is an idea that I’ve had kicking about for a bit. It is a text based MMO that I expect to be large scale in terms of a one person bedroom development.

“The year is 2012 and the United Kingdom has been overwhelmed by terror and panic. A recent story by a major tabloid paper, The Daily Scandal, sent shockwaves throughout the nation, causing riots and looting. Millions were killed and many more are left homeless. With the economy crippled and police forces over run, UK citizens are now desperately fighting to stay alive. They have to be Survivors.”

I did have most of the design ironed out but I’m not so sure any more. The idea is that players take over properties, scavange for resources and then look to form groups and attack other players. Sounds pretty decent for an online game, but with my tech & art skills… not possible. How can I do this more feasibly yet still be reasonably enjoyable?


I made a rubbish game, devRacing, just to refresh myself on C++. There were ways that I wanted to improve it and perhaps I could learn Unity to further the game and develop my skill range, however this involves learning Unity first and I’d like to have something sooner. We’ll see :)

L4D2 Campaign

I started work on a L4D2 campaign and it was shaping up really well, until my nav mesh inexplicably broke and now I just can’t get the fecking thing to work. It would mean restarting, however I’ve improved my skills so maybe this would be worthwhile… at least to get me going again.

Littlebigplanet Maps

I’m disappointed with my lack of work here. Its an awesome platform that I started exploring but nothing really materialised. Part of this was always being overly complex, but maybe I could try some smaller levels?

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