Soccer Tycoon

For a long while I’d avoided Facebook games. The early ones were incredibly weak and with the amount of invites & notifications flying around, I was put off. However as a local studio had made Soccer Tycoon (ahem, FOOTBALL I think they meant!), I thought I’d give it a go. I have to say that I’m faily impressed with the development of Facebook games and I am starting to understand the attraction.

The premise is very simple, you buy things for your team and then play matches. Spend your money on training to improve your chances of winning or spend it on. So you have the basics of your usual gaming economy management, all very good, as well as a progression arc to keep you involved.

Unfortunately the limitations of the platform then really start to show. Results are pretty much pot luck and whilst Dynamo Games have implemented a very basic tactical system, it still feels like a roll of the dice. Quite frustrating when your team with a star rating of 350 struggles against a team of a tenth of that. Also just a few months in I appear to have hit a rather boring barrier. The occassional upgrades that I unlock aren’t worth investing large sums of cash in and it feels like I’m playing just to afford to train my team to give a slightly better dice roll chance. Rankings were introduced which does add some form of carrot for me, however aside from seeing your name in the top 10, there’s very little gain. Sadly Soccer Tycoon is ultimately lacking once you’ve got above level 15 or so. If you’ve put real money into the game, this is a bit of a let down.

An improvement to the tactics system and an actual league system to get you competing against other players rather than random fake teams could make this a top FB game and for those that like beating other people, investing cash in.

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