House of the Dead 2 and awful voice acting

Obviously rolling back the years with this one, however despite its age it is a very good example of its genre. I’ve picked HotDII as it is the most recent I’ve played, although I did get some HotDIII action in over the Christmas period. Unfortunately aside from graphics, I haven’t seen any development in this genre at all and I really feel as though there is still a major major weakness with the characters.

Obviously I wouldn’t expect a top class performance or in depth character backgrounds, after all this is an arcade title, but do we really need to be subjected to such weak acting? Having poor animations and absolutely TERRIBLE voice overs derails from the whole experience. In fact having heard some of the civilians talk, I’m more inclined to put a bullet in their head than have to endure listening to them thank me. This creates a dettachment from the experience and when you might want to be immersed, it feels even more gamey than an 8-bit platformer. When I’ve just put a couple of quid in a machine for 5-10 minutes worth of gameplay, I really don’t appreciate characters sounding like Microsoft Sam. Imagine if other game genres were as slack? It would take so much away from them!

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