Plants Vs Zombies

Within 20 minutes of launching the demo of Plants Vs Zombies I had bought the full version and since bought copies for friends, but why do I find it so compelling?

Place your plants to fight off zombies.

As a strategy game it is fairly good. It is intuitive to play with a simple premise of placing your plants on a grid to prevent the zombies from making it across your lawn and eating your brains. You need sun in order to place your plants which brings in a simple yet effective resource management system. There is an assortment of plant types¬† to pick from, ranging from defensive to offensive and special. Some of these are are to combat the different varieties of zombies. These are slowly introduced allowing you to learn about the basics before having to be a little more methodical and strategic in your selections. This provides the challenge of deciding “do I go for more fire power or guard against armed zombies?” etc.

Graphically it is hardly going to “wow” anyone but it is clean and looks well polished. The visuals really add a lot to the charm of the game which is surely the strongest and most compelling area. The audio is amusing and the language used in the game is light hearted, building the feeling of good old fashioned fun.


Another major strength is the additional game modes. There is a massive selection of puzzles and alternate game modes from bejeweled minigames to survival to keep you playing.The ability to collect coins, grow plants and then purchase extra little goodies in the game add further lasting appeal to what otherwise could be a shortlived experience.

For me this has been the best game of 2010 and for under a tenner you really can’t go wrong.

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