Mario Kart but presented like PGR, Gran Turismo and so forth. An interesting idea.

At first I was rather unsure about the idea and really disliked my first race (split screen). I later went into the single player and found it provided an excellent introduction to the game. I’m usually opposed to videos for tutorials but what Blur did is split it up into a series of small videos, slowly introducing you to concepts. I felt that it worked pretty well and I learnt everything that I needed to know straight away. My one issue is that some things I had already figured out via the tips & my own experience yet I had to sit through it. Skippable please!

As for the game itself, well I felt the power ups stuff worked. It isn’t quite as insane as Mario Kart but you do get some fast paced action and you can also try some hardcore driving, using careful power up choices to take out opponents in your path or keep them at bay. The driving is decent but nothing special. I’m not too keen on the braking and find the auto-self righting to be incredibly annoying. When I end up facing the wrong way I don’t just spin the car around but instead I wait and the game fades out, rights me and fades in. I personally found this distracting and took away too much skill.

I think in general, if you like the gameplay in Mario Kart but find the audio and visual a little too cartoony for you, Blur could well work. As a serious racer it won’t compete with other titles, but that isn’t the intention. Blowing up your friend as you take a place off them is always satisfying and Blur is also a decent enough game for single player. I’ll certainly keep playing it.

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