I was very surprised by how much I was impressed by Audiosurf.

The premise is pretty simple, collecting coloured blocks in a pattern so that they are cleared and earn you big points. Nothing new here. The gameplay is fairly enjoyable, sometimes addictive as you try to beat the high score, and having the levels based around your tunes is a stroke of genius. The game flows very well with the beats of whatever you are listening to, providing some good solid entertainment. Having high scores and dethroning your friends is what helps establish repeat play as you could well find yourself replaying a song to become the Champion. Additional having scrobbling in there is a very nice touch. Who knows, down the line maybe we’ll maybe see it using’s radio player?

The user interface is hardly the slickest but it is functional. Some areas look well polished whereas many areas do look a bit like crummy web pages. I think they could maybe work on this a little more to give it a bit more of a quality appearance, but then the game is cheap and at least the UI is usable.

Unfortunately now I can’t listen to Granite by Pendulum without wanting to jump into the game, which isn’t handy when you are away from your house!

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